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Dr. Pravesh Jugnundan (MD.FCBOM. FACOEM. FCFP. CIME. MRO. DOH)

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Dr. Pravesh Jugnundan is a Family and Occupational Health Physician, with an active medical practice of over 25 years.

Dr. Jugnundan serves as a medical consultant to various hospitals, private industry, Unions, Federal and Provincial governments. He has special security clearance both from the Federal and Provincial governments. Dr. Jugnundan served as the chief medical consultant to the Federal government for the recent national Avian Flu outbreak. He continues to consult to various federal agencies (CRA, CFIA, Parks Canada etc.).

To his corporate clients, Dr. Jugnundan provides strategic direction on medical programs, disability management and health and safety issues. He ensures that the services provided are conducted within ethical, professional, and legal standards. He serves as an addiction consultant to two provincial professional regulatory organizations.

He is currently actively involved in the COVID pandemic – in addition to diagnosing, managing, and treating his own patients, he provides consultant services with respect to fitness to work / return to work to two regional hospitals. He is currently actively involved in developing return to office strategy with a provincial health and safety organization, whose clientele include provincial employers and unions.

Dr. Jugnundan served as the Chair of the OMA section on Occupational and Environmental Medicine and a past executive for the Occupational and Environmental Association of Canada (OEMAC) and Canadian Section of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM). Dr. Jugnundan is on the executive board of the Canadian Society of Medical Evaluators (CSME).

He has a special interest in Research Ethics and serves as the Chair of Research Ethics for three regional hospitals and one national healthcare organization.