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Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) leads the world in research and data on golf fitness, health and swing biomechanics. Golf has reached a point where its participants do not need convincing that better fitness and health improves the golf swing.

At Enhanced Care Clinic, the TPI Certified Medical Pros and Golf Fitness Instructors (one of the few that have achieved the highest level of certification in Canada) can offer to:

  • treat golf injuries
  • analyze swing faults that cause injury
  • use golf fitness to develop movement patterns to help the player become a better ball striker

Not every golfer is the same. Golfers can vary in height, shape and athleticism; therefore, not every golfer will move the same, and how you swing your golf club is based on what your body can and cannot do.

Golf Physical Screens, Selective Functional Movement Assessments, and High Speed Video Capture are used to analyze a player to develop golf fitness or golf rehabilitation programs to enhance:

  1. Ball Striking Accuracy
  2. Golf Swing Efficiency
  3. Injury Prevention
  4. Core Stability, Flexibility & Strength

The Medical Pros DO NOT replace the importance of a Golf Pro/Instructor. In fact, they work closely with golf instructors to help players develop a swing style to match their body’s anatomy and functional abilities without compromising health.

Golf Performance

A Golf Physical Screen is used to determine how a golfer moves his/her body parts from head to toe. It is used to determine the risk of injury from playing golf and to predict swing faults due to body compensations from physical and functional limitations. It is important to have optimal bodily movement in order to produce an efficient golf swing. Any aberrant movements can decrease power, accuracy and ball striking ability in the golf swing.

Golf Injury

TPI Medical Pros are trained to analyze how the body affects the golf swing and how a faulty golf swing can lead to golf injury. When golfers play with pain, this can alter the swing sequence and more importantly, the motor movement pattern of a proper golf swing. This can lead to a decrease in golf performance as the body will compensate for the injured tissues and inevitably adopt a non-ideal altered motor movement pattern due to pain. Utlimately this can affect ball striking accuracy and power. Medical Pros are trained in treating golf injuries.

Golf Fitness

Once the golf performance assessment is performed, and Individualized Golf Fitness Program can be generated based on a player’s deficiency. A Golf Fitness Program is designed to groove an individual’s movement pattern, and add strength, power and flexibility to the golf swing.

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