Yvanne Hung

Registered Massage Therapist

Yvanne Hung (RMT) has been practicing for almost 6 years now and has been with Enhanced Care’s Rehab team since the beginning.

As a therapist Yvanne always looks forward to welcoming everyone to take advantage of Massage Therapy and open the door to better health. Yvanne enjoys meeting new people and working one on one with her clients to determine which techniques work best for them. She believes that everyone can benefit from massage therapy, whether it is to decrease stress, or to prevent and treat injury. Yvanne works hard to ensure that her treatments are client focused and comprehensive. During her treatments she uses a wide variety of techniques including Swedish massage, Myofascial Release, Joint Mobilization, stretching, remedial exercise and Trigger Point Therapy. By utilizing various techniques including deep tissue massage and lymphatic drainage, her treatments range from relaxation massage to treating specific injuries or conditions.

What Yvanne really enjoys about being an RMT is the opportunity it affords her to work closely with clients. Her goal as a Therapist is to assess their needs, to develop and create a treatment plan specific to each client and then ultimately to assist them on a path toward improved health based on their individual needs. Yvanne works hard to help people restore a sense of balance and good health, and improve the body’s ability to move and heal quickly. It is her belief that massage therapy presents many benefits and advantages in aiding the body to heal. Yvanne especially loves to provide pre- and post-natal massage as she believes that whole body health starts at the beginning and that it has many benefits for mom and baby.